Choosing the perfect color for your in-ground gunite pool in Rhode Island

Posted on May 18, 2023
A dark StoneScapes finish in a gunite pool installed by Elvio and Sons

Picking the perfect color for your pool should be fun! Elvio and Sons installs gunite pool finishes by StoneScapes. These finishes have pebbles introduced directly to the plaster that provide added durability, scratch resistance and beauty that outshines a traditional plaster finish. Here is some advice for when you're looking for that perfect color.

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The darker the finish, the darker your pool water will be.

If you're looking for a dark, deep, pool water appearance, select a darker pebble finish. Keep in mind that water always seems lighter in shallow areas of your pool (i.e., steps, benches, tanning ledges, and spa seats). In these areas, you will also see the pebble finish in greater detail.

Our StoneScapes catalog (and website) will show you how dark your water will look at each depth for each color. Keep in mind that the amount of sunlight your pool receives will also have an impact on the darkness of the water.

Looking for a darker finish in a pool without a deep end? No problem! Select a darker finish like StoneScapes Mini Tahoe Blue or StoneScapes Mini French Gray. A darker color make actually make your pool appear deeper.

Your pool is a mirror. Other things will impact the color.

Keep in mind that your pool's color can be impacted by:

  • Whether it is a sunny or overcast/cloudy day
  • The time of day and position of the sun
  • Colors in the exterior of your home or outdoor fixtures
  • Other elements of your landscaping like trees and shrubery
  • The chemistry of your water

The role of texture in your pool's finish.

Did you know that you can actually select from one of three pebble sizes in your StoneScapes finish? The pebble sizes are "micro", "mini", or "regular" (ordered smallest to largest). In addition, you may even add smooth glass to the finish to create a shiny or dazzling water appearance.