The many features you can add to a custom in-ground gunite pool

Posted on May 2, 2023
A pool with a "diving rock" (instead of a "diving board")

Who ever said you need to be boxed in to a "plain old" gunite in-ground pool? You know... the kind that is simply rectangular with a set of shallow-end steps. It most definitely was not a member of the Elvio and Sons team.

The fact of the matter is, there are so many ways to build a pool as unique as you yourself are. If you were a pool, I bet you'd be the kind that at least have a color changing LED light to liven the evenings! At Elvio and Sons, this is where our expertise shines.

Let us walk through some of your options... just to start the imagination flow.

Built-in Spas and Hot Tubs

Built-in Spa in a Jamestown, RI Gunite Pool One part warmth, one part bubbles = relaxation and fun for family and friends. Spas are perfect for entertaining. Features can include:

  • Round, rectangle, or free-form in shape
  • You specify the number of jets
  • Color LED lighting
  • Wireless Remote Control

Built-in Benches (Swim Outs)

A built-in bench (also called a "swim out")

Relax in the deep end of your pool on a built-in bench (commonly called a "swim out"). Features can include:

  • Multiple built-in benches throughout the pool
  • Tile can be added to show dimension
  • Size and shape can be customized
  • Hint: add one in front of your built-in spa for entertaining

Tanning Ledges (Sun Shelves)

Tanning ledge

A sun shelf (commonly called a "tanning ledge") is an extremely shallow section of your pool that is perfect for young children and for seating. Features can include:

  • Water spouts (optionally with low voltage LED lighting)
  • Be any shape/size, depth
  • May have a tile or plaster finish (tile may offer variation in appearance from the rest of the pool)


A waterfall into a pool

Water features like a water fall or grato can enhance the appearance and feelings of tranquility when around your pool. We've installed both complex and simple custom and pre-made waterfalls.

Built-in Steps

Built-in steps in a gunite pool

Built-in steps can come in just about any shape or size. Edge-to-edge steps can double as seating in the shallow end.

Diving Rocks

Diving rock in a gunite pool

Diving rocks are both a creative and fun addition to your pool. In New England, they can serve to tie the unique features of your landscaping with your pool.