Gunite Pool Restoration in Jamestown, RI

When Elvio and Sons was approached to restore this gunite pool in the beautiful town of Jamestown, RI, the pool had several structural issues that needed to be tended to. First, the structure of the pool had several cracks and was continuously leaking. The skimmers of the pool had also been in dire need of repair.

The Elvio and Sons crew took the time necessary to properly repair each and every crack in the structure of the pool. Not just by applying hydraulic cement like many other contractors may have. We've determined that hydraulic cement does not stand the test of time. After repairing the cracks, the entire inner surface of the pool was scratched down and replastered. In addition, each skimmer was completely rebuilt and all plumbing was run to a new location out of the way of the outdoor living space. New tile was applied around the surface of the pool. Our Elvio and Sons tiling team is second to none when it comes to quality of installation!

Take a look at the before, during, and after photos of this project. We were happy to make this home owner's outdoor living space dreams come true.