What to expect when building a pool

Building a Pool: What to Expect and Timeline

Building a pool involves several steps. Elvio and Sons is here to guide you through each and every step.

Step 1: Design Your Pool & Permitting

You'll first meet with a member of the Elvio and Sons team to go over design options and start the permitting process.

You'll select:

  • Pool shape and size (built-in benches, steps, spas)
  • Pool finish (PebbleTec)
  • Waterline tile
  • Additional features

Step 2: Excavation and Steel Structure

Elvio and Sons will excavate (dig) the pool and then build the reinforced steel structure that will support your gunite application.

Dirt and rock from the excavation can be either removed from the site or repurposed (if local building and environmental restrictions permit).

Throughout the process, Elvio and Sons will assist with local officials who will want to inspect the project in-progress.

Step 3: Plumbing Rough-in

Elvio and Sons will run plumbing (typically PVC piping) to your return jets, main drains, lighting, and other water features. The plumbing will be directed to the eventual location of your pool equipment. Pressure monitoring equipment is set in-place to ensure that the system remains watertight throughout the remainder of the pool build.

Step 4: Gunite Shoot Day

This is when the pool actually begins to look like a pool! The gunite shoot typically happens in one day. Gunite will be sprayed onto the steel structure and formed to the shape of the pool/spa and any other built-in features.

Step 5: Waterline Tile and Pool Coping

Elvio and Sons will now install your waterline tile and pool coping.

Waterline tile is installed to both protect the eventual PebbleTec finish and provide a beautiful finished appearance to your pool.

Pool coping is affixed to the gunite shelf to protect the shell of the pool and provide a finished appearance.

Step 6: Plumbing and Electrical Installation

Elvio and Sons will now position permanent pool equipment (filters, pumps, heaters, and automation equipment) and oversee the installation of electrical service/connections to the pool.

Step 7: Stonescapes Finish

PebbleTec is now applied to the pool shell. The tile and coping are both covered during this procedure. PebbleTec offers a variety of colors and finishes. Elvio and Sons will meet again with you on the day of the PebbleTec application to ensure that the color selected matches what is delivered.

Once the PebbleTec finish is applied, the team will return the next day to acid wash the pool and then immediately begin filling it with water.

Step 8: Startup and Plumbing / Electrical Finishes

Elvio and Sons will start the pool equipment once the water has reached the tile line. The plumbing fixtures receive their finishes and lighting is installed.

Step 9: Startup Maintenance and Pool School

Elvio and Sons will maintain the pool for multiple weeks to ensure proper chemistry, which is essential for the PebbleTec finish. Once the startup maintenance period has ended, Elvio and Sons will train you as to the operation of your new pool and pool equipment.